Corrie + Grant - Engagement

These two are precious. And I LOOOVE the way they love each other! It had been a whole two days since they had seen each other, so the whole flirty, lovey dovey thing was no problem at all :)

They brought along a sweet prop, too. I know I'll butcher the details, but someone they know won this t-bird on The Price is Right in the 50's!! Now that's pretty cool.


Abby + Jon - Engagement

I meet these two lovebirds last night. But that kinda blows my mind because I feel like we're good ol friends already. I loved hearing the story of how God drew them together and it was so much fun to watch them flirt it up for two hours.

Let's just say to all the fellas out there... Persistence pays off :)


Mary Beth

This sweet family are getting ready to welcome their precious baby girl into this world! Here are some favorites from our session this morning.

hello, gawwwgeous momma!


Just for fun.

Who knew Jordan was such a photographer? Yep, he most definitely took these photos and I think they're so wonderful! He made a trip to Clovis earlier this week and got all artsy on me :) And I thought it would be a good chance to brag on my hubby AND show of our precious niece and nephews. Enjoy!





Abbi + Cole - Wedding

I'm not sure if you blog folk remember Abbi and Cole, but go ahead and let this overload of cuteness refresh your memory.

Also, the lovely Tisha attended the wedding and was my trusty second shooter. If you're looking for a photographer in the Austin area, chicky check her out!

Here's a little overview of their wedding day - it was just lovely!

some fun girl time

aaand guy time, too

cole putting on his SWEET shoes

prayin' it up before the ceremony


LOVE this picture!