Where I've been....

South Dakota! That's where.

We grew up having HUGE family reunions every summer - we even had t-shirts custom designed each year :) Well, once my grandpa passed away, it seemed like it got harder to round everyone up each summer, so the reunions kinda fizzled away.

Well, I'm glad someone finally put their foot down, because I think last weekend was a reminder to all of us that we have a dang cool family who needs to see each other more often! Over 50 peeps got to come and our days were filled with games, no cell phone service and lots and lots of fireworks. I think we all wished it could have lasted longer!

Here are some highlights from our trip to the farm.

What says 4th of July more than a precious girl sportin' a koolaid mustache while playing with her red, white and blue necklace?

we've almost been married TWO years. cuuuhhrazy

Note the frog on the head... I would maybe be lying if I said it wasn't my idea :)

Blog world, meet my mom and dad!! baaaahaha. Nice cutoffs, dad. No, no, I'm sure they were in style.

The smoke you see behind their chairs is from a firecracker lit by the trickster walking away... practical jokes are awesome.


cristy cross said...

You know your dad is loving you for that one. His shorts are as short as your moms! hahahha. Can you imagine our husbands wearing shorts that short, and it actually being back in style for men?? Oh boy that will be the day.

Allison said...

This looks like so much fun!!! I love it!

Terri Fallin said...

You know Brittany I think I have a picture very similar to the one of your parents of me and Rodney. And yes, Brandi still kids us about it. But hey...we were stylin' in the day!