Welp folks, it's Upward Soccer season!
Ya know, I've never really been around little kids playing sports all that much. But I've gotta say, I could watch these kids all day long!! It's so much fun to see their little (and BIG) personalities come to life on the soccer field. Pink shin guards, twirling and braids contrasting with the competitive, hard core kids practically growling the whole game... what a hoot.
Anyway, hope these make you smile!


Tech vs. SMU

Talk about a way to kick off the season, eh?
This was my first game to be on the field taking photos and it was a GREAT experience. When I first walked down on the field, the SMU football team was running out onto the field with their fans cheering loudly - or so they thought - and then RAIDER POWER invaded the stadium. I mean, seriously, I didn't know whether to start jumping up and down cheering or start running really fast in the opposite direction because there was so much power from all those voices. Man, it was cool. Anyhow here are some photos from the SMU game. Enjoy!

whispering sweet nothings into Graham's ear... :)

eric morris "elf"

graham harrell

danny amendola

check out his mouthpiece flying out... nice.

the new blog

Sooo I've got a new last name! And that means a new blog, too. Do you want to know what I think of every time a blog is mentioned? Here I go...
There's a show called Arrested Development that only ran three seasons, which is a tragedy in itself, and it's definitely on the Jordan and Brittany top 5 list - yes, we're cool. So anyway, there's a lawyer on the show named Bob Loblaw who just so happens to have a law blog. So what does that make it? Bob Loblaw's Law Blog. Just say it outloud. It will make you laugh and now every time you see a blog, think of ol Bob.
With that said, I'm glad you're here and hope you enjoy what you see! If you want to see more photos, visit my old blog at www.brittanyschultzephoto.blogspot.com
And why the camel, you ask? Because it's hilarious.