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We've got some exciting new changes taking place these days! And one of those changes involves YOU changing your bookmark/google reader/whatever else so you can keep up with the latest happenings of Brittany Strebeck Photography. That's right. A new blog!


Also, I'd looooove to share my new logo with my blog peeps. Lookie!!

Dinah Hodges from Hodgepodge designed it and she did an AMAZING job.

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Mary Helen + Timothy - Rehearsal

This wedding is going to be so beautiful! Mary Helen and Timothy are getting married in a gorgeous backyard, and by the looks of their rehearsal, it seems like every single loved one will be there today to celebrate with them. Can't wait!

the bride and groom

telling the ring bearer he had to carry a flower girl basket. haha


wilson and his dad talking about marriage :)


The Bridge

Within the past few months, I've realized how important being intentional is. I feel like I've always tried to be intentional with relationships I've had, but it wasn't until recently when I realized God can do big things when we become intentional with everything.

Here's what I'm getting at. When I started considering the possibilities of what it is I can really do with photography, a friend at The Bridge contacted me about coming to shoot some events they have going on. Uhhh YES PLEASE! We also did some headshots/fun pictures to spice up their website and facebook page, because we all know that pictures make everything better, right?

Plus, I love The Bridge. When I was a youth intern at Southcrest back in the day, we always took our youth kiddos out there and helped out in the soup kitchen and organized clothes and whatnot. If you're ever looking for a place to volunteer, check them out!

Without further ado, here are the lovely ladies of The Bridge!

aww yiaa!!


Roman & JJ

There is no blog post that could ever describe how much Dusty and Amy mean to Jordan and I. Dusty is our pastor at Redeemer and both he and his wife have played a HUGE role in our lives, throughout our college and post-college years.

Dusty knew us before Jordan and I even met, he was around when Jordan was trying to get me to date him :) and he was the one who married us two years ago. It's been so amazing to grow with my hubby while Dusty has been along for it all, spurring us on to love God more and believe the Gospel more.

But before this blog post becomes a novel, I better just get to the cuteness of Dusty and Amy's kiddos.

JJ & big brother Roman

looks like dusty might be teaching him some football moves?

i snuck in a family photo :)

my favorite sequence... keep in mind all of these expressions happened within 5 seconds of each other.


The Agnew Family

Every now and then I start thinking Lubbock is a big city... And then a family like this suddenly comes along and I realize how intimate and connected this place is! Not only does one of our good friends work the dad of this family, but another one of our good friends recently bought her house from this family. Cuhhh-razy!

Anyhow, it was a joy to hang out with this sweet family this morning. And your new home is GORGEOUS!!

i LOVE grace's precious look in this one. i think she might like her big brother :)

"hey look what i can do."


Julie + Nick - Engagement

Aren't these two just adorable? I had so much fun with them while we did a little tour de Lubbock. They're getting married in September, so remember these two lovely faces!


Vanessa + Adam - Wedding

These two families that were joined together this past weekend are both absolutely amazing. SO welcoming, loving, and so so so fun. Really though, anyone who can dance it up for a solid eight hours is guaranteed to go down on my list of flat out impressive. Kudos, folks, kudos.

Anyhow, Vanessa and Adam were absolutely adorable throughout the entire day. Vanessa, with her cute squeaky, excited/nervous noises, and Adam was constantly making sure everyone was comfortable and had everything they needed. Such a sweet couple.

Thanks, you two, for being such wonderful clients/friends! The fact that you took on the giant fire ants in the random field means the world to me :)

yay for rock candy

vanessa getting her hair did

reading a sweet note from Adam

sometimes putting on a dress can be VERY difficult!

same with the veil :)

the fellas having a good ol time

aaand the lovely ladies



Adam's parents being cute

choreographed good-ness

maybe the best i've ever seen.