Vanessa + Adam

Adam was the noisy neighbor who lived next door, and Vanessa and her roommate finally decided to confront the party boys. Adam tried to apologize with brownies, but Vanessa and her friend decided they might be poisoned... so they decided to throw them away. Haha yes, this is how these two lovebirds met. Such a fun story.

Their wedding is in August and I can't wait!


Tabitha + Andy - Wedding

It was a cloudy day. And rainy. I mean like POURING cats and dogs and flooding main street kind of rainy. But when we got out to Cain's Cove, where Tabitha and Andy were getting married, the people out there had said not a drop of rain touched that place. And then as the wedding ceremony went on, the sun started shining and we had the most beautiful evening! It always seems to work out that way.

Anyhow, I was honored to shoot our good friend's wedding, and it was the first time I've ever shot a wedding with my husband as one of the groomsmen, so that was fun :)


Erica + Ron - Wedding

This entire day was perfect. Ron kept saying, "I'm just waiting for something to go wrong!" But nothing ever did. I think the intense love from Erica and Ron to friends and family might have fought off every negative vibe, if there ever was one.

And another thing I love about these two is that they are free spirited and consider everyone a friend. About 20 minutes after they drove off in their getaway car, I get a text from Erica saying, "come hang out at IHOP!" I totally did, and I just loved walking in, seeing these newlyweds sporting their wedding garb in the awesome blue booths at IHOP. So much fun... Anyhow, here's a walk through their wedding day!

one of the greatest mother/daughters shot everrrr

Pawpaw snuck in a kiss during Erica's dad's prayer... and yes I was most definitely choked up at this point.

a sweet first dance...


and the exit... the guests made paper airplanes :) I love it!


Tabitha + Andy - Sneak Peek!

I survived the two-wedding weekend! SO much fun! More to come on this one, but for now...


Just one for now...

I will most definitely write a ton more on these two on my next post... But for now, this is what I have to offer :)

Erica + Ron - Rehearsal

Today will be a fun day. The rehearsal last night was full of laughter and smiles and jokes made left and right. I just love it!

Here a few photos from the rehearsal.

she just couldn't wait :)



Ever heard of The Bachelor?

That's a silly question... Of COURSE you've heard of The Bachelor. And this pretty lady is in the runnings to be ON The Bachelor. Cool, huh?

She's got it made, with her spunky, fun-loving, GORGEOUS self.



"Are you a queen or somethin'?"

Yep, that's the kind of reaction Lucy got in Lubbock today. And then I loved her older sister's response... "Don't let that one go to your head." Haha.

Anyhow, it was a perfect morning for our senior session, and I think this one might be one of the last ones for 2009 seniors! Don't be afraid to start booking, 2010 seniors :)