Stefanie + Kris - Wedding

Everything was just perfect. Stef and her mom have worked SO hard to make sure every detail was in place, and boy, they sure pulled it off!

It has been so wonderful growing closer to Stef and Kris throughout their whole wedding journey, and I've loved being the one to capture their relationship.

Here are some of my favs throughout the day! And by some, I mean A LOT.

right after the pastor prayed over Stef. I love her expression here!

fun shoes!

court snagged this awesome shot

she's peeking a glance at her man

first dance

some father daughter love

kris and his mom :)

about to leave...


Betsy Lackey said...

FRECKLES! :) what a cuuuuute bride!

jordan said...

I LOVE the shoes, and the monograms, and the dress...and, of course, the pictures!