Sawyer, Ben, Avery and Ella

These four are the best of friends. Sawyer and Ben are twins who just celebrated their first birthday, and Ella, their slightly older friend, completes their dangerously cute trio. Then we have Avery, the awesome older sister to the twins, who introduces the little ones to fun things like Dora the Explorer. Their moms, Allison and Kristin, have a sweet blog you should totally check out.

Anyhow, Kristin had a super fun birthday party for the twins, and Allison thought having a secret photo session would be a fun way to surprise her. So she put together a little photo album of some of the pictures we took, and I hear her reaction was pretty great :)


shari said...

so cute! love them all!

Brandi Natividad said...

Way cute, the first one cracked me up!