Kendra + Tanner - Wedding

It rained on me the whole way to Odessa Friday afternoon. It rained through the rehearsal. It rained throughout the entire night. Then, as I was driving to the hair salon Saturday morning, I thought I saw the sun trying to peek out. YES!!!

Of course it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day.

The day unfolded perfectly and I loved every minute of getting to share in everyone's happiness and excitement.

Here are some of the highlights from the day - some of these might need captions :)

a sweet moment between Kendra and her mom

don't you wonder what's going on here? haha only something a mom would do!

I LOVE how Kendra's mom and grandma's wedding rings are in this shot.

aaaand the guys. i mean ninjas.

during a prayer :)

which hand is the ring in??

inside joke!

marshmallow mishap!

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Terri Fallin said...

I've never seen this color combination or the marshmallow throwing at the going away. Both are totally fabulous! You did a great job capturing their joy.