funky fresh

yes, that's what they are. lindsey and coop are funky fresh. i work with cooper at starbucks, where he holds the title of 'trick barista.' that's right, he can flip the caramel bottle in ways you have never even imagined. i consider myself lucky to work with such a legend. and lindsey, his lady friend, works at kadiza, where she makes peoples' hair a work of art. pretty sweet.

i went out with the lovely aric alan photography duo a couple nights ago... more like i tagged along and made inappropriate comments, but whatever. it was a fun time and i love these kids. check out casey's blog for more photos of lindsey and coop!





i love this one.



the light was stinkin amazing...

cute as a button


casey said...

Brittany! These are awesome! I especially love the next to last one, and the flare of course...and the one of them sticking the dandilions in each other's nose...awesome. I'm so glad you got to come take pictures! It was a blast!

Molly Kate said...

I LOVE THESE!!! you're so creative and your photos are beautiful! we're still having some wedding date difficulties, but we will let you know asap and check with your availability again :) I can't wait!!!

Jordan Strebeck said...

I know you're my wife and all, so I'm obviously slightly biased... But you're on fire my love...

Your last few sessions have been like your face... Smokin' hot!

Coop said...

Im stoked because no one thus far has used the phrase "stinkin' awesome" which means I can use it to describe your photo-shootin' skillz. Your photo-shootin' skillz are stinkin' awesome!


Lindsey said...

Aaron is such a goober! But I do have to agree these are "stinkin' awesome!" They turned out really good Brittany! You and Casey and Aric are just waaaaaay to fabulous for your own good hehe :)

Alicia said...

you are stinkin amazing!!!! I absolutely love this you are so incredibly talented!!! Cant wait to see you on the 8th!!!!