Vanessa + Adam - Wedding

These two families that were joined together this past weekend are both absolutely amazing. SO welcoming, loving, and so so so fun. Really though, anyone who can dance it up for a solid eight hours is guaranteed to go down on my list of flat out impressive. Kudos, folks, kudos.

Anyhow, Vanessa and Adam were absolutely adorable throughout the entire day. Vanessa, with her cute squeaky, excited/nervous noises, and Adam was constantly making sure everyone was comfortable and had everything they needed. Such a sweet couple.

Thanks, you two, for being such wonderful clients/friends! The fact that you took on the giant fire ants in the random field means the world to me :)

yay for rock candy

vanessa getting her hair did

reading a sweet note from Adam

sometimes putting on a dress can be VERY difficult!

same with the veil :)

the fellas having a good ol time

aaand the lovely ladies



Adam's parents being cute

choreographed good-ness

maybe the best i've ever seen.


Mary K said...



I love the disco-like picture. haha so awesome. Way to go, oh hero of mine. haha!

shari said...

these look so awesome!

so fun to be a part of!

Marvelous Maggie said...

I LOVE the one right before the mariachi pictures. These two are adorable!