The Agnew Family

Every now and then I start thinking Lubbock is a big city... And then a family like this suddenly comes along and I realize how intimate and connected this place is! Not only does one of our good friends work the dad of this family, but another one of our good friends recently bought her house from this family. Cuhhh-razy!

Anyhow, it was a joy to hang out with this sweet family this morning. And your new home is GORGEOUS!!

i LOVE grace's precious look in this one. i think she might like her big brother :)

"hey look what i can do."


The Stanford Family said...

Cute pictures! I had Grace in kindergarten last year and she and her brother are the sweetest things. They are the best of friends!!!

Mary K said...

brittany these are awesome!!! ahhh you are just so talented. i loved these.