Roman & JJ

There is no blog post that could ever describe how much Dusty and Amy mean to Jordan and I. Dusty is our pastor at Redeemer and both he and his wife have played a HUGE role in our lives, throughout our college and post-college years.

Dusty knew us before Jordan and I even met, he was around when Jordan was trying to get me to date him :) and he was the one who married us two years ago. It's been so amazing to grow with my hubby while Dusty has been along for it all, spurring us on to love God more and believe the Gospel more.

But before this blog post becomes a novel, I better just get to the cuteness of Dusty and Amy's kiddos.

JJ & big brother Roman

looks like dusty might be teaching him some football moves?

i snuck in a family photo :)

my favorite sequence... keep in mind all of these expressions happened within 5 seconds of each other.


The Miersma Family said...


jordan said...

Love these too! great job.

Marvelous Maggie said...

Oh my God, that baby is gorgeous.

Shannon McLane said...

oh my goodness this is hilarious!!! That is the greatest progression of happiness I have ever seen. Ahhh SO CUTE!!!

Lauren Madison said...

Omg Brit, fantastic stuff! These pics are so rockin' and absolutely adorable! I can't believe how blue J.J. and Roman's eyes are..just like their great parents :) aw, I just love it!!