Wade... well, sort of.

We were optimistic - maybe a little TOO optimistic.

You see, Lubbock decided to have it's yearly thunderstorm today, so Wade and I thought... Hey, this could be fun. I'm sure it won't even rain.

Not so much. It started sprinkling, but we kept driving. It started pouring, and we thought about turning around. Well, after about 3 minutes of the hail, we thought... ehhhh okay u-turn, here we come.

Then, the funniest quote of the day happened. "Uh oh," Wade said. "You're car's leaking."

I'm sorry, my car is what?

Yes, the commander had a steady stream of water coming out from the handle?? We laughed a lot as we were trying to communicate by yelling loudly because the hail was so loud.

It was a fun time though, and we still got took some fun photos as he 'waded' through the water. Baha! So thanks for the laughs, Lubbock.


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garrett gregory said...

one of my favorite shots ever. it fits wade. perfectly.