a whole year with my honey

so here's what happens when i try to write meaningful things about really exciting happenings... i end up spending an hour trying to sound eloquent in my attempt to paint a beautiful picture by using poetic words. i'm just not up for the task tonight :)

but i do want to say that this past year has been the best year of my life. cliche, i know, but really... being married to Jordan has taught me more about life than I have ever learned. And the way he loves and cares for me points me directly to Christ and shows me so much of how God loves and cares for His children. I could go on. I love talking about marriage! But to sum it up. God is so good and Jordan is more than I could ever ask for. There.

I'll leave you all with a little recap from our first year together :)

our wedding! (shot by the lovely kristin bednarz)

our honeymoon. if you ever want to hear a funny story, just ask about it. okay i'll tell you a little bit. i lost my passport. so we rode a bus to mexico. i got sick. jordan got sick. we got attacked my flying ants. etc. and we had SO much fun!

halloween at church.


skydiving (we did it for real, promise!)

christmas in okie

christmas in clovis

spring break with the sistaaaa and her fiance

my boy's all grown up!

i love you, husband of mine :)


Christi said...

awwwwwwwwwwww, Happy Anniversary! I love you're wedding pic, ya'll just fit together so perfectly. That's what's so awesome about being almost the same height as the hubs...I should know!! :) Here is to many more happy adventures! I am feel blessed to know you and Jordan, plus I think ya'll are the cutest couple EVER!

Anonymous said...

You two are perfect for each other alright!!
Brittany........you make Jordan so happy!!

Happy Anniversary!!
Momma Selena

Selena said...

I have an account now........how about that!