my camels

All good blog posts begin with a good camel call, right?


I must confess. I think camels (and giraffes, too) are the funniest/entertaining/most awkward creatures eveeeerrrrrrr. So, about four years ago, I was driving to Oklahoma and came upon a random camel field in good ol Dungee, Texas. Really? Camels? So I had to stop and see what was up. It turns out we became buds, and now we visit my friends every time we drive to okie. It's COMPLETELY normal, I promise.

look at that profile.


i know it's out of focus... i just like it. AND jordan hasn't yet mastered back focus :)




aaaand my favorites... jordan REALLY tries to relate to his audience :)



Molly Kate said...

finally! I was just waiting on a post about camels :) awesome pictures!

kristinbednarz said...

I LOVE these! I can almost hear the sounds that Jordan is making. Gosh, how I miss your mugs! LOL

LOVE the new blog header, wanna do mine?

garrett gregory said...

"ur so weirrrrd" - buddy the elf.

well ur husband is anyway!

how far is the camel farm from here?

Molly Kate said...

Thanks girl! I wish I knew how to create time...bummer. haha! Thanks for your sweet words- you're amazing!

aric alan | photography said...

hahahaha...I literally laughed out loud while I'm here at work...and now everyone is looking at me... These are so awesome! I love them!


jordan said...

love the pics brit- hey I am going to be camera shopping this weekend and need some advice! I will try calling and hopefully glean from your experience!

Christi said...

How cute are ya'll and Camels....double the cuteness or is that triple the cuteness. So, when your pics are done, are you gonna make me a sweet new blogger header? I can't wait for that.

COOPER! said...

HAHA! I laughed hysterically in my lonely little apartment... I swear I'm not crazy. Great pictures! That last photo is great, they have the same expression on their faces.

cristy cross said...

Brittany, any time you want to see a camel, you could go to the air alto place in clovis. there are also some zebras. And I know about the back focus thing. Ben likes to put it on auto (the grn sq) and use that instead :)
I am invited to a spa party this friday at 6:30-7.11.08...would you like to come? It's in clovis