Meet Deuce.

First off, my husband is the BEST!!! He has planned this surprise for who knows how long, and it finally happened over the weekend. He drove me all the way to Groveton, TX (about 10 hours away from Lubbock), and while at first I was convinced we might come home with a puppy, Jordan had told me enough lies to where I thought we were going to a little bed and breakfast.

Well, here I am blindfolded, the door opens, and a little ball of fluff was dropped into my hands! YESSS!!!!

After about an hour of playing with eight of the cutest puppies I've ever seen, we found our match.

And after about three hours of riding back to Lubbock, we decided on a name.

Huckleberry Augustus McLovin II. AKA Deuce.

Blog world, meet Deuce (he's a labradoodle, by the way).




We got him from Nine Pines, and they are absolutely wonderful there!


Betsy Lackey said...

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A LABRADOODLE!!!! How much was he and where did you get him???

aric alan | photography said...

I love Duece!!

jordan said...

SO fun Brit! Did you get his from the same place that the Booths did? I love it!

Brittany Strebeck said...

thanks guys! i just love him.
I'm not sure if it was the same place the booths got Dignan from, but here's the link (for you, too, betsey!)


Alicia said...

oh my gosh he is adorable!!! and what a sweet surprise!! he does fit you well cause he can work it for the camera!!!

Strange family said...

love him!

Alissa said...

he's adorable! i want to play with him before he loses his puppy cuteness.

Brittany said...

oh my goodness he is ADORABLE!! i want to meet him! how big did labordoodles get?? hope you are doing well. we need to hang out!