Erica + Ron - Wedding

This entire day was perfect. Ron kept saying, "I'm just waiting for something to go wrong!" But nothing ever did. I think the intense love from Erica and Ron to friends and family might have fought off every negative vibe, if there ever was one.

And another thing I love about these two is that they are free spirited and consider everyone a friend. About 20 minutes after they drove off in their getaway car, I get a text from Erica saying, "come hang out at IHOP!" I totally did, and I just loved walking in, seeing these newlyweds sporting their wedding garb in the awesome blue booths at IHOP. So much fun... Anyhow, here's a walk through their wedding day!

one of the greatest mother/daughters shot everrrr

Pawpaw snuck in a kiss during Erica's dad's prayer... and yes I was most definitely choked up at this point.

a sweet first dance...


and the exit... the guests made paper airplanes :) I love it!


courtney said...

I love the one of the grandpa kissing the bride's hand during the prayer. What a sweet photo! She'll be so happy that you captured that--what a treasure!

Molly Kate said...

and the swords! amazing!

Jordan Strebeck said...

yeah I'm w/ Molly, that sword shot was pretty bomb.com

shari said...

awesome wedding!

aric alan | photography said...

awesome, awesome, awesome...are the only words that come to mind. :) beautiful wedding!