I fought the law...

... and the law won.

Mark it down, folks. I received my first citation for trespassing today. That's right... I'm just THAT committed to getting the perfect photo :)

Seriously though, if I elaborate any more on this topic, I'll get a little angry and this blog has no room for negative vibes. But this blog DOES has room for loooooveeee.

The love of Stefanie and Kris, that is. Here they are folks!









shari said...

oh my gosh! haha! that is too funny!

but i am so sorry! hope it wasn't much!

Alicia said...

oh my gosh...you are awesome and truly one of my heroes....also i got shari to take some shots of seth and i and well i might have to get you to take some too...ya'll are truly my most favorite-est artists!!! miss you and love you tons

garrett gregory said...

those are great brit! sorry about the citation. you have to tell me the whole story later fo sho.

ashton said...

Heyyyy, I know these people :)And I want to hear the story, haha.

lauren clark said...

Wow! Where were you??

Christi said...

so sorry about the citation. Love the pics!

Sarah Holt said...

That's no fun. You got awesome photos anyways! Sometimes chances have to be taken, right?!

R.S. said...

come on sis. We've got to hear the trespassing story! You might want to hide it from Grandaddy, but other than that you should be safe.

Your brother Brent "breaks" the law regularly, so you have a kindred there don't forget!

great pics as always,