A puppy shoot.

A friend of mine has 7 new additions to his life... maybe they weren't so much planned to happen, but they are caaaayuuutee!

I'm about to go kick up my feet and do some chillaxin, but I couldn't help but post this one. Try hard to keep those tears back, folks.



shari said...

beautiful dog!

Alissa said...

"puppy shoot" kind of leaves the impression that you're going to shoot the puppy with a gun.

please don't do that!!! he's terribly cute.

Betsy Lackey said...

this is better than that "resecue the animals" sarah mchlaclan commercial with the sappy music..

i'd rescue this sweet thing..

garrett gregory said...

he looks like his name should be henry. or scout. or jordan.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the little girl. Looks amazing can't wait to see the rest.