light painting

a couple years ago, i took a class from wyman meinzer. i learned some things... like how to take photos of armadillos.
how, you ask?
oh, okay, well you grab it by the tail and "windmill" it around until it gets dizzy, then put it back on the ground and start shootin' away. yes, wyman is crazy. but the good kind of crazy. i also learned that you shouldn't get married young... well, i'm married now and i haven't taken any armadillo photos :) sooooo

well, now i'm wishing i picked his brain a bit more. wyman knows light. he more than knows it - he lives for good light. i'm sure he would camp out for a month with the coyotes just to get the perfect shot with the perfect light. he just knows his stuff. why am i giving a tribute to wyman, you ask? well...

over the weekend, my 'business partner'/great friend did some exploring. we both had wyman's class together, so we had some fun reminiscing and thought we would play with some light. and maybe get in some trouble, too.

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look at us and our monkey arms
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yes, this is the trouble part. i wish you could have all seen our reaction when we both reached the top and BAM... the rig started pumping away. that ladder was calling our names though!
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let's end with this one :)
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aric alan | photography said...

so...umm...these are SOOOOOOOO COOOL!!!!!!
I especially like the first one, that's stinkin' awesome!


R.S. said...

Impressive work, sister.

Christi said...

whoa...soooo awesome.

cristy cross said...

Girl, seriously be careful on the oil rig thingy. I've heard of scary stories with those. Okay, that being said-I love painting with light. I remember that class in Junction, Tx with Wyman. Good times :)


I love the first and last one, especially the last one. It's great.


Abigail Q said...

LOVE the light!

Jerod Foster said...

Hey Brittany, Great painting! I didn't realize you had a blog! I'll keep up!

Alicia said...

hey girl those are awesome and i love the last one...oh and i know wyman...well not personally it's one of my great friends stepdad and i've seen a lot of his work...you did great!!!