Welp folks, it's Upward Soccer season!
Ya know, I've never really been around little kids playing sports all that much. But I've gotta say, I could watch these kids all day long!! It's so much fun to see their little (and BIG) personalities come to life on the soccer field. Pink shin guards, twirling and braids contrasting with the competitive, hard core kids practically growling the whole game... what a hoot.
Anyway, hope these make you smile!


Rob said...

Brittany, I love your soccer photos. It reminds me of when I played and when I coached kids about that same age. The one of the girl in yellow who is laughing/screaming/jumping..something fun...just really captures the fun these kids are having when they play the game. These are great! I hope to see more.

Hope you are well!

The Miersma Family said...

yay for your photo blog!
i just found it! :)
i look forward to more visits in the future!
oh and i just took some pictures at our church's upward soccer stuff this past saturday...nick's subbing as a coach this week and next - the kids are so precious!
anyhow just wanted to say hi and that i miss your smiling face!
later girl! love, jenn

The Miersma Family said...

tag! you're it (if you want to participate)! check out my blog for the details.....jennifer