the new blog

Sooo I've got a new last name! And that means a new blog, too. Do you want to know what I think of every time a blog is mentioned? Here I go...
There's a show called Arrested Development that only ran three seasons, which is a tragedy in itself, and it's definitely on the Jordan and Brittany top 5 list - yes, we're cool. So anyway, there's a lawyer on the show named Bob Loblaw who just so happens to have a law blog. So what does that make it? Bob Loblaw's Law Blog. Just say it outloud. It will make you laugh and now every time you see a blog, think of ol Bob.
With that said, I'm glad you're here and hope you enjoy what you see! If you want to see more photos, visit my old blog at www.brittanyschultzephoto.blogspot.com
And why the camel, you ask? Because it's hilarious.

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Betsy said...

My name is Betsy Ross and I work at the Texas Tech Chidl Research Center on campus. We are putting feelers out for a photographer to take pictures of the kids. We had a lady that did packages for the families to choose and that sort of thing; but they were the posed same ol' same ol' pics. If this sounds liek somehting you would like to do, please e-mail me at betsy.ross@ttu.edu. Oh, I got your name from my friend Cristy Cross.
Thank you