Joy and Nate

Welp, here they are, folks! It was a good first-wedding experience and I hope there are many more to come! I mean, not weddings for me personally, but you know... weddings to photograph :)









kristinbednarz said...

I LOVE the shoe shot! It's crazy cool with the shadows.

Raise your right hand high above your heard, then lower it and pat yourself on the back, Girlfriend!

Shari said...

oh i love them! i can't wait until august!

Rob said...

Brit, these are great! You did such an awesome job. I wish I could have helped you, even though it looks like you wouldn't have. It looks like you are gonna turn out to be quite a wedding photographer!

Again, great job!

On another note, I want to try to get a show together for a First Friday. I know a place that I have talked to briefly about it because I was trying to do one but the other people involved backed out and I don't have enough to really put on a show by myself. Let me know if you might be interested and if you know other people who might be interested.

Sarah Holt said...

GIRL these are amazing. I love how you caught the moment when they are doing the exact same thing with their left hands at the cupcake feeding. You can see both their rings! Good Job girlfriend!

Toni said...

Very nice...1 down 100s more to come! Way to go Brittany.

Casey said...

These are so awesome! You did so great!! I love them all!

Big Lou said...

You have a great eye! You attention to details is impeccable. A quick tip to increase your sales. If you can give your potential clients something for free that's extremely valuable and your best product, then the rest is a piece of cake. I look forward to visiting with you more at Starbucks!

Sarah Holt said...

HEY! That's the guy I see at Starbucks once a week- took me long enough.

Again girl, these are FAB-U-LOUS!